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Frequently Asked Questions

OVest was established with the Mission is to help individuals, organization and communities achieve security, build wealth and realize their dreams.

OVest is a registered and thriving Investment and Funds Management Company managed by a team of experience and competent professionals in the business of Foreign Exchange Trading, Agriculture, Real Estate, Small Businesses and other investment opportunities offered by the industry.

OVest is suitable for anyone who:

  • desire to be financialy stable and wealthy.
  • never want to miss their investment goals again.
  • want to be in charge of their financial situation and cash flow.
  • realise that allowance, salary and savings is not enough to be rich.
  • want to be capable of handling unforeseen expenses that may arise in future.
  • want a safe place to invest their money and get quality returns even while they are asleep.
  • want a safe place to get high return for their hard earned money unlike what banks offer on savings account.

Yes. OVest is a product of OYESource Empire, a union of brands enriching lives and communities daily and duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with RC Number: RC 2901133.


This is very simple. OVest is managed by a team of experienced and competent professionals in the finance and investment industry within and outside the country. The professionals amply understands the volatility that clouds the usage and sourcing of the market and are duly learned in the field and as such, they use the best analysis and risk management solution to operate in all investment opportunities offered by the industry to ensure optimum return consistently.


Minimum amount for investment is ₦10,000 naira while maximum is ₦50,000,000.

Studpreneur (15% ROI @ 25 Working Days) - Min: ₦10,000 - Max: ₦30,000
Slivest I (15% ROI @ 25 Working Days) - Min: ₦30,000 - Max: ₦990,000
Slivest II (20% ROI @ 25 Working Days) - Min: ₦1,000,000 - Max: ₦50,000,000
Goldvest I (20% ROI @ 30 Working Days) - Min: ₦100,000 - Max: ₦999,000
Goldvest II (25% ROI @ 30 Working Days) - Min: ₦1,000,000 - Max: ₦50,000,000


In OVest, your investment is guaranteed because we have adequate risk management with major national and international brokerage firms.


Yes, your funds are always secured. No matter what, you don't lose your capital because we always have equivalent amount of asset as the capital used in the business of Forex Trading and other investment opportunities offered by the industry (in case of rainy day). We even guarantee the safety of your funds further by signing a memorandum of understanding with you stating clearly that your capital will be refunded if anything changes..


We've simplified the investment process with two methods (online and offline).


Online: Our web portal is always available meaning you invest 24/7 x 365 days.
1. Create an account follwing the Start Investing button below/above.
2. Confirm your email account and update your profile with relevant information.
3. Fund your wallet by making deposit online or bank transfer with the ammount to be invested.
4. Go-to my Investment and select the package you want to invest in and the money would be deducted from your wallet.
That's it, its countdown to withdrawal day and you can always access your investment account and track daily growth/earnings.


Our office hours are between 9apm-5pm, you can contact us via (WhatsApp) between Monday - Friday and we'll attend to you to accept your investment. Once you identify the plan of your choice (25 or 30 working days). You make your payment into our provided corporate account. An MoU will be created and sent to you showing stating terms, assurance and security of your capital and that's it, it's countdown to withdrawal day.


In OVest, multiple accounts are not allowed for the purpose of proper investment management and prevention of fraud, but you can have multiple active investment running simultaneously.


Yes, All you have to do is follow the same investment process stated above, fill out your profile correctly and if you face any difficulty please contact us at support [at] ovest.ng.

p>First thing is. Our rates are always going to be better than your bank’s savings rate.

Studpreneur offer 15% ROI @ 25 Working Days
Slivest I offers 15% ROI @ 25 Working Days
Slivest II offers 20% ROI @ 25 Working Days
Goldvest I offers 20% ROI @ 30 Working Days
Goldvest II offers 25% ROI @ 30 Working Days


For every investment plan available on OVest, there is a maturity period assigned to it. For each maturity period range, there is an attached interest rate. Remember, we make everyday count by making your invesment earn returns daily. That is, a daily breakdown of the interest rate is available balance in your investment plan(s) each day. Also, as big fans of compound interest, your returns compound whenever you rollover your plan after maturity.


OVest is completely free: zero SMS fees, zero account maintenance fees.


Yes you can. Before the maturity of your current plan or at anytime you can invest in another investment plan offered by OVest.


Working Days means Monday to Friday, we do not work on weekends. This means...

  • Wallet: the total ammount currently you've funded your account with.
  • Earnings: the total amount of returns on your current investment in your OVest account.
  • Referral Bonus: the total amount you have earned for referring people to join us at OVest as an investor.


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