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Meet our Awesome Team Leader

David Oladejo, Founder & CEO OYESource Empire

There are no words to describe how excited I fulfiled I am with what we are doing at OVest. The true desire to enrich live is perfectly excercised with OVest adding value in one of the most crucial aspect of live - Finance. I and the Team at OVest are super-excited to be the channel to help you achieve the Millionare and Billonaire milestone.

OVest was created as a stem of the OYESource Empire vision by Davidollad, the Founder, CEO OYESource Empire to enrich you financially.

Why invest with us?

Where do we invest
Your Money? !

At OVest, we invest in the following businesses:

  • Forex Trading (Manned by professional Forex Traders with wealth of experience, backed with the best and the latest Forex Trading Resources in the world)
  • Real Estate Development and Management
  • Agriculture (Farming Business)
  • Business
  • Autos and other valild and profitable investment opportunities offered by the industry



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